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information for Singapore Scholarship

The Singapore Scholarship is a Government to Government Scholarship for students who are citizens of ASEAN member countries (except Singapore) and is for a full-time undergraduate study at the Singapore university (NUS, NTU or SMU).The Singapore Scholarship covers full tuition fees, living allowance of S$4,300 per annum and accommodation fee based on the room rates at each university during the school semester. One economy class air ticket from scholar's home country to Singapore at the commencement of their undergraduate course and one economy class air ticket from Singapore to their home country upon successful completion of their undergraduate course. No further financial assistance will be provided for other travel expenses as well as any additional expenses/fees incurred during the Overseas' Exchange Programme, Overseas' Attachments or Summer Courses taken up by the scholars with their respective universities.
Under the Singapore Scholarship, the Singapore Government will not impose any bond on the scholars. However, all scholars are expected to return home at the end of their studies in Singapore to contribute to the development of their country. This is different from other undergraduate scholarship schemes, where the graduating students would be obliged to work in Singapore for certain period of time to repay the tuition grant from the Singapore Government. In the case of the Singapore Scholarship, the Singapore Cooperation Programme is sponsoring by paying the full tuition fThe courses offered by the respective universities under the Singapore Scholarship are indicated in the Singapore Scholarship application form.
A copy of the Singapore Scholarship Application Form can be downloaded from the website ees for these ASEAN scholars who therefore do not need to apply for the tuition grant with the universities.

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