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DAAD german academic exchange service awarded scholarship 2008

The scholarships offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) are awarded to younger university graduates (and in exceptions, also to advanced students) from all academic disciplines as well as from the fields of music, art, and performing arts. Funding is also available for young and early-stage researchers, university teachers and groups of students completing study visits under the guidance of a university teacher. This support is largely financed by the Federal Foreign Office from public funds made available to it.

The DAAD policy on awarding scholarships is as follows: the DAAD aims to fund and support foreign students, graduates, doctoral students, and young and early-stage researchers whose previous research and academic achievements place them at least in the top third of their age group and who can additionally be expected in the future to become key players and top performers in their career fields combined with an awareness for the social responsibility which this involves.

Funding is available for stays at state (public) or state-recognised universities and at non-university research institutes in Germany.

As a rule, the minimum age for applications is 18. In most programmes, the award of scholarships is subject to an age limit of 32 years, although, depending on the applicant's country of origin, exceptions are possible where the education system in a country has certain particular features or where similar factors play a role. further information:
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