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Eni Corporate University Scholarship for Master Degree in Economics and Energy Industry related fields

Three programs of the MEDEA are offered:

1. Energy Industry Economics
2. Business Administration in Energy Industry
3. Managing Technical Assets in Energy Industry

The program is articulated on three phases, with an increasing degree of specialisation. All profiles consist of preliminary courses, followed by fundamental courses and by specialisation classes.

Scholarship / Financial aid
: scholarships and financial contribution for the accommodation and living expenses available
Date: the Academic Year 2008-2009
Deadline: March 31, 2008
Open to: owners of an university degree in Business Administration, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering, Geology, Industrial Chemistry, etc

Announcement follows:

The Eni Corporate University announces a competition for an academic course that leads to a Master’s Degree in Energy and Environmental Management and Economics - MEDEA. The course is organized and managed by the Scuola Enrico Mattei.

The Master is offered to Italian and foreign university graduates that are interested in career paths within firms, authorities and other institutions operating in the energy and environmental sectors. For the Academic Year 2008-2009, the Scuola Enrico Mattei will assign a maximum of 50 scholarships.

For successful candidates, the admission to and the enrolment in the School carry no fees. The School offers students a financial contribution for the accommodation and living expenses. Moreover, students are given free training materials and the opportunity to
avail themselves of Eni canteen facilities. Finally, scholarships are provided on the basis of examination results.
info and Applications must be sent online at here

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