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How to write a professional essay for a scholarship

To apply for a scholarship, beside curriculum vitae, one important thing you have to do is to write down a professional essay matched with your educational background you want to apply. There are four steps to write a professional essay for your scholarship, those are: 1) your essay’s title should be descriptive, and should be explained the whole essay. On the theme of essay, choose the world’s most updated issues, such as Terrorism essay or Disaster Mitigation. 2) Write the introduction of the essay, which are including the research background, problem statement, research importance and your conceptual framework. 3) write down the research methodology you want to do in that essay. Is it a quantitative, or a qualitative method? Describe it in a clear paragraph. 4) Write down the conclusion of your essay. Put down both what is the general conclusion and what is the specific conclusion. For the types of essay that you can choose is better to choose either Exploratory Essay or Argumentative Essays.

Do not forget to do feedback on your own while doing essay editing. Check up word by word to match the editorial and to prevent grammatical error inside. You can do this easily by using custom essay writing. As people always say, practice makes perfect. The last step is; don’t forget to put the authors name if you put his or her statement in your essay, this can eliminate the process of plagiarism detection on your essay.

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